Sigmund Freud writes that you have a core personality: this is inborn and instinctual we can not change this. Our values, attitudes, and beliefs are all overlaid on this core personality. There are 4 personality types: Erotic, Obsessive, Narcissist, and Marketing. An erotic type is described as needy, dependent, wants to work in groups and develop a family, and needs to feel loved. An obsessive type requires stability and order, and tends to be very aggressive and domineering. Marketer types adapt very easily, value their personal development, and are very good at networking and facilitating. Lastly, narcissists take pride in their accomplishments, they also have clear visions of what needs to be done but do not account for others when pursuing these visions. In all of these types there are productive and unproductive versions. The best type of personality to be according to Freud is a productive narcissist. They are wanted most in organizations and teams as they work best in times of change and crisis.