The Psychodynamic Approach


Behavioral Theory



The Behavioral Theory in short

The behavioral theory emphasizes the behavior of the leader. It focuses exclusively on what leaders do and how they act. It is a very leader centered theory) There are two general kinds of behaviors: task behaviors and relationship behaviors. Task behaviors facilitate goal accomplishment. Relationship behaviors help subordinates feel comfortable with themselves, each other, and the situation. It helped develop into the psychodynamic theory because it is a heuristic approach- leaders can learn a lot about themselves and how they come across to others.

Comparing Continued

The psychodynamic approach also focuses a lot more on the interaction between leaders and followers, and less so on the leader, much like the behavioral approach. Certain styles of leadership work better for certain followers.

Comparing Behavioral and Psychodynamic

the psychodynamic theory approach is about modifying your type of leadership and teaching leaders to adapt to their followers being aware of their personality types. The approach also mentions giving specific individuals with specific personality types certain types of tasks. In the behavioral theory you have to modify your type of leadership depending on your type of follower. This is very similar to psychodynamic where instead of modifying your behavior you modify your task.

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